Legal assistance and representation

We support our customers every step due to stable partnerships with law firms specialized in fiscal and economic disputes of civil nature.

Benefits of working with us

Prevention. We forsee difficulties that our customers may stumble upon and offer solutions both by drafting trade agreements to protect their interests as well as by the establishment of operational and accounting procedures, to comply with the legal framework.

Intervention. We support our customers in difficult times and offer assistance during tax and legal audits as well as representation before courts in disputes and lawsuits.

Some of the legal assistance and representation services we provide to our clients:

  • Drafting economic agreements;
  • Drafting employment contracts;
  • Representation before tax authorities;
  • Support during tax and legal audits;
  • Representation before courts in disputes and lawsuits.

Rights won in the court of law:

We have prompt and appropriate reactions in many situations that involve suing state institutions by traiding companies and together with our clients we have managed to win in the courts of law several rights of the business community.

  • The sole Romanian shareholders’ right to be employed in their own company, for example, was one of the major legal developments initiated and won by our team in 2000.
  • We won in the court of law equal treatment of foreign and domestic capital within the meaning of Chapter IV of the Fiscal Code, namely the imposition of non-residents in 2010.
  • We won in court the contraint of the fiscal authority to answer to the  administrative appeal against a tax decision, even if the tax authorities suspended the review procedures on the grounds of referral to criminal authorities (2016).