Merger and acquisitions services

The market is in constant change, this is why it is important that in case of a new development stage or in case of changes in the economic environment your business is taken care of by a team of experts that can deal with the reorganizing proccess in detail, wheather it concerns merger or aquisitions.

We support you

Regardless of your ultimate objective, we support you through a series of operational and financial activities that will structure and successfully close the merger or division process. Thus, you will not have tax or legal issues that could have a negative impact on the value of the newly formed company.


We assist and provide advice in preparing the merger or division plan, with attention to every detail, regardless of the activity field of your company.


We represent your interests regarding the acceptance of the merger or division plan by all the legal entities or courts of law able to approve the process.


Financial details are nothing to worry about. We offer assistance with the registration procedure in the accounting of the involved parties in the merger or division.

For a concrete price offer, as well as for more details of how we can be of help in a stress-free and equitable merger or division process, we invite you to contact us: