Complete and integrated bookkeeping services and tax reporting, online and offline, in order to meet your financial needs and in accordance with the legal requirements…

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Personnel and payroll services

Drafting the employee register, registration of individual employment contracts, payroll and statements for the contributions to social security, unemployment and health insurance budgets…

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Additional premium services

Transfer pricing services in relation with affiliates, mergers and acquisitions, legal and tax due-diligence procedures, accounting expertise and/or forensic accounting, internal audit…

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The benefits of working with us

  1. 1
    Better focus on your own business

    One partner for integrated accounting services, financial and tax advisory. We take over the accounting activity and assume full responsability, so that you can focus on the current business needs.

  2. 2
    Effective collaboration

    You can keep your current procedures, as we are integrated with most accounting and ERP platforms in Romania. If you do not have a preference in this regard, we provide you with a fluent bookkeeping process and up-to-date accounting statements via “”HAMOR”” online platform.

  3. 3
    Low risks

    We follow legal changes, inform and prepare the necessary measures to maintain your activity within the law and specific regulations. Also, our specialists provide periodic internal audit and we can help with an informed perspective and a risk analysis of accounting and current economic activity.

  4. 4
    Safety in relation with the tax authorities

    We always prepare and submit tax returns and financial reports in time. Moreover, we provide advice and assistance before the legal entities in Romania, during the control period as well as during tax and legal audits or before courts in disputes and lawsuits

  5. 5
    Informed management decisions

    We are constantly seeking for solutions so that our customers have access to data and updated accounting statements. Documents can be sent online or offline, we ensure the bookkeeping operations are performed in a timely manner and we offer access to relevant, essential information that determines managerial decisions.

How easy is it to start working with us?


First step

All you have to do is contact us and let us know that you want to work with us. As a future client, you will not be involved at all in the transfering process.


Step two

We will take care of getting in contact with your current accountant, to ensure the seamless transfer of documents and accounting balance sheets.


Step three

Start working together, the whole process was conducted between accounting experts, without loss of data or information and without any concern by your side.

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